Mp3 Sync

by Vincent Tollu


I wrote this program because synchronizing mp3 files from my music collection to my Sansa Fuze mp3 player with sd slot (seen as 2 different storage units from the PC) was a pain to deal with.
This tool will synchronize your music collection between your PC hard drive and your player internal memory + SD card.
Kinda like a crude Robocopy from a source to 2 destinations.
A hash is computed for each file on both PC and player:

Known limitations:

Command line:

Mp3Sync.exe -s SourcePath -d1 DestinationPath1 -d2 DestinationPath2 [-dbin DestinationBin] [-ext ExtensionString]

Note: This tool might be used as a generic synchroniser, but there are tools really more suited than this one if it's a one to one synchronization.
This program is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Program (win32 .exe), with it's sources