MP3 Splitter "Shell"

by Vincent Tollu

For a long time, I've been upset by "hidden" songs that lies on some albums. You select a bunch of mp3 albums you want to play, and, from time to time, you have to suffer 10 minute of silence because of a hidden song whose quality is more than often mediocre.
Hopefully, some guys wrote a neat utility: Mp3Splt A real scalpel to cut into music files.
But as this neat piece of software is "unix-like", it has dozens of options, but not the one I wanted. So I wrote this "shell" so as to make this soft recursively look into my music collection so as to find hidden mp3 songs, and to extract these.
Feel free to modify the source so as to adapt the parameters given to the splitter.

This program is distributed under the GNU General Public License.
Program (win32 .exe), with it's sources