Srt Time Shifter

by Vincent Tollu

Shift the subtitles contained within a srt file. Add or remove some seconds to each subtitles so as to be in synch with the sound.
Works offline as a standalone app.
I know there are some online services to do so, but you may lack connectivity when you want to resynch your subs, or be uncomfortable with the idea of uploading your subtitles.
Simple, quick and reliable. A backup of the original srt file is made so as to prevent any error.

Yocto's Srt Time Shifter snapshot

Full UTF8 compliant, as one can see on the following diff (1minute 12seconds and 445 f were removed from left to right, if you want to do the math)

UTF8 diff

This program is distributed under the GNU General Public License.
Program (win32 .exe), with it's sources