by Vincent Tollu

Program that deals with Christmas parties where any guest is supposed to give a guest to another. It consumes an xml file to get a list of the guests, along with smtp server infos, then roll dices to select for anybody somebody to give a gift to.
Integrated contraints:
Off course, this program is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind.

So don't bother me if youre ISP blacklists you for spamming, if youre friends won't talk to you anymore cause their gifts sucked, or if youre computer breaks while using this program.
See provided sample.xml file for infos on the datafile.
Important: If you use special characters like 'é' 'à' or other international ones, be sure to encode your xml input file in UTF-8. Otherwise, those special characters won't be well read.


KDoNoel.exe ListOfFriends.xml [-Go]
If the -Go file is specified, the mails will indeed be sent! Be warned.

This program is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Program (win32 .exe), with it's sources