Gag - a simple web GAllery Generator

by Vincent Tollu

This is a really painless web gallery maker. Fill in the required infos, like the directory containing the pictures you want to publish, your ftp server, etc. (and save these to a file if you're lazy enough and don't want to retype these).
Click the "OK" button, et voilą, you've got a mail telling you to check-out this cool new web gallery.


Granted, the generated gallery is rather crude, with no comments nor stats, but it's enough for me (for the moment though :o).

By the way, you may check a sample Gallery with some nice Wikipedia pictures right there.

Check the help page for further details:

For the anectdote, the first working version (v0.1) was coded in less than 6 hours. <Ms. praising> .Net is really a productive platform! </Ms. praising>



This program is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

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